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The nonviolent, nonpartisan force boldly fighting for peace in America.
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The non-violent, non-partisan force boldly fighting for peace in America.
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every month, we work together to launch tactical acts of peace.

America is deeply divided. It’s keeping us from fixing so many problems. We are volunteers across America that give our time and talents to pull off bold acts that drive Americans from hate to peace. We help people question why they hate, be more willing to hear opposing opinions, and learn how to apply peacebuilding principles.

Whether our acts are shocking, insightful, funny, appealing, or inspiring, each is rooted in brain and psychographic research on peacebuilding in America done by our team over the past 3 years.

With each new launched act we also practice living new peacebuilding principles in our own lives.

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Enlist in the peace force

Enlisting can make a massive difference in your life and others’. Anyone can join. Recruits agree to do three things:


At least 1 hour of service a month. We have six types of ways you can give your time and talents.

Deploy from home

Choose an existing project (act of peace) or start your own. Typically builders only work on one act of peace at a time.

Practice peacebuilding

With each new act, we each agree to try adding new peacebuilding principles to our daily lives.



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Be in the documentary

An award-winning director is documenting the Peace Force and the volunteers in it.


Create lasting friendships with talented, good-hearted people across America.


Gain opportunities to lead others in creating tactical acts of peace.

Impact tracking

Login to see the impact your deployments have made across America and beyond.

Veteran status

After finishing a deployment, you carry a veteran badge for discounts on name brands.


Volunteer side by side with builders at well-known companies big and small.


Earn points toward rewards like Peace Force gear, or items from brand partners.

Join a division

We’re organized into six division, based on our expertise and interest. You can choose which fits you best.

Strategist & Opps

Strategists develop and implement long-term plans to promote peace in America. Analyze trends, find cultural insights, collaborate with leadership. Operations team members lead project management by creating project timelines and tasks, then helping the team stay on target.

To join the Strategy & Opps Division, enlist and choose this Division.


Brainstorm creative ideas for new campaigns (tactical acts of peace) to generate buzz in press and social media. You are naturally curios, imaginative, and have the ability to think outside the box.

To join the Ideator Division, enlist and choose this Division.


Great for people who know how to make things—developers, film makers, story tellers, designers, fabricators, engineers, DIYers. Volunteer as much or as little time as you'd like in using your craft to push the project forward.

To join the Creator Division, enlist and choose this Division.


Connectors are people who are champions of knowing people. They bring the idea to new potential strategists, ideators, creators and promoters to build the campaign. It's an essential division for ensuring maximum impact.

To join the Connector Division, enlist and choose this Division.


Great for social media influencers, journalists, Youtubers, and anyone who has any following that wants to help amplify the campaigns. For most projects, promoters work on a volunteer-only basis but occasionally there can be compensation depending on the campaign partners involved. Joining the Promoter division isn't a commitment to share or write about a project. It is only signing up to be notified of upcoming projects that might sound interesting to you.

To join the Promoter Division, enlist and choose this Division.


Donors keep the whole operation running. Funds to toward our full-time staff and to fund the production behind the tactical acts of peace. Donations are tax deductible. Donors give a minimum of $10 a month and are listed as funders (publicly or anonymously) on every campaign that launches.

To join the Donor Division, enlist and choose this Division.

“I believe in the Peace Force. I joined because, through personal experience, I know that we are one people on one planet and that by banding together with other peacemakers, we can creatively help to build sustainable peace.”

Retired Major General
Charles F. Bolden Jr.
Former Head of NASA
Mar 20, 2023
Washington, DC

"Peace Force is my outlet for bursting my social bubble and collaborating with good humans with all kinds of viewpoints."

Kesha Bounds
March 25, 2023
Atlanta, GA

“I enlisted in the Peace Force because I know that by coming together to share our talents to build peace, we can be unstoppable in creating a better world for all.”

Rebecca Crall
May 3, 2023
Chicago, IL

"I always wanted to make a difference in the world, and enlisting in the Peace Force has allowed me to do just that."

Tyrone Millson
June 14, 2023
Las Vegas, NV
Strategy & Ops

"The Peace Force is doing incredible work, and I'm grateful to be a part of it as a peacebuilder. I'm learning so much, and it feels amazing to be making a real difference in the world."

Jacob Anderson
May 16, 2023
Strategist & Opps

"Working with the Peace Force has been a really rewarding experience. I get to meet new interesting and talented people and I get to make the world a better place at the same time."

Kwon Parker
September 5, 2023

"It's been so inspiring to see the impact that we can have as peacebuilders with the Peace Force. I'm so proud to be a part of such an amazing organization."

Chloe Johnson
July 6, 2023

"Enlisting in the Peace Force has been a total game-changer for me. I used to feel helpless about hate in America, but now I can actually do something to help make America a more peaceful place."

Aaliyah Williams
April 12, 2023

"We must find new ways to speak for peace. it is a weapon which cuts without wounding. It is a sword that heals."

Martin Luther King Jr.


What do volunteers in the Peace Force do?

Volunteers work within one of six divisions to volunteer at least 1 hour a month to working on an upcoming project, called Tactical Acts of Peace. Tactical Acts of Peace are campaigns that can do one or more of the following: drive mass awareness of the peacebuidling movement in the press and social media, inspire people to act in a more peaceful way in their community, or inspire more people to join the Peace Force. When a volunteer chooses to work on an act of peace, they are "deployed" to that project. As volunteers help launch tactical acts of peace, they also apply more and more peacebuilding principles in their own lives. Anyone can enlist as a volunteer in the Peace Force. Join us.

What is the mission of the Peace Force?

The mission of the Peace Force is to promote peace in America through generating dialogue while increasing justice. We are staunchly committed to non-violent non-partisan conflict resolution. Our teams have spent decades implementing peacebuilding across the world and are now directing those efforts at home in these more extreme times. The Peace Force is a stepping stone for many into engaging deeply with local peacebuilding organizations.

What kind of projects does the Peace Force do?

The Peace Force supports a wide range of projects and initiatives within peacebuilding. Some projects are intended to generate awareness, others focus on creating deep and strategic engagements with groups to resolve conflicts and differences.

How can I get involved with the Peace Force?

There are many ways to get involved with the Peace Force, especially by volunteering within one of our divisions—strategists & opps, ideators, creators, promoters, connectors, and donors. Anyone can join from anywhere in the world. No need to live in the United States. Enlist to sign up and start making an impact.

What does the Peace Force do?

The Peace Force regularly launches "tactical acts of peace" to increase peace in America and reduce hate. We work together as a volunteer network across the world to create buzz-worthy, impactful campaigns that change the narrative of divisiveness in America. The Peace Force is a stepping stone for many into engaging deeply with local peacebuilding organizations.

What are tactical act of peace?

Tactical acts of peace are short term campaigns we regularly create to generate awareness, teach peacebuilding principles, and inspire more people to join the cause.

How is the Peace Force funded?

The Peace Force relies on the generosity of donors, sponsors, and partners to fund its programs and initiatives. Some of our tactical acts of peace raise funds through selling products. We occasionally partner with brands on some tactical acts of peace. These brand partners contribute funds to the Peace Force in return.

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